Song Works Recording and Publishing.

The need to record ideas has always been necessary for any musician/writer to feel complete.

"Song Works Recording & Publishing" originally began in 1993.

This was with the initial premise of a dedicated team of musicians/composers, that would help to produce local Song Writers and Bands who needed assistance with their craft. Our initial name was "Song Works-Song Writers Studio" which was later modified to basically "Song Works Recording & Publishing" or just simply, "Song Works".

We started as three amigos, John Larmand, Wayne Brauer and Mars Giammarco, with collective recording equipment. All three partners were already seasoned performers with composing, arranging, producing & recording skills. We offered musical guidance as well as session performance to most all of our alumni.

The thought of gathering three musical minds, would help "Song Works" inspire others as well as themselves to higher achievements. Some of these client/writers recorded with their own bands; some were solo artists that required a studio ensemble package. Along the way, we found ourselves producing and outputting our own personal material as well as gathering a definitive Client base.

Throughout the course of "Song Works", a variety of clients enabled us to expand or musical outputs to the Television & Film medium. We found ourselves writing more or less on demand to suit a particular style or requirement. All of which led to arranging and even scoring when recruited by Clients. With the ability to be an in house, self-contained workforce, we expanded to Composing for our own Client base. We have published a majority of our titles or works with SOCAN. (the Society of Composers, Authors, & Music Publishers)

While maintaining "Song Works" as a creative outlet for commercial Clientele, both John Larmand and Wayne Brauer pursued audio careers in broadcast television, thus strengthening their understanding for concise commercial motifs. Mars Giammarco later moved on to pursue a flourishing solo career.

John & Wayne as professional Television audio engineers, along with their recording skills, became an integral part of producing quality audio deliverables to their Clients. As Musicians, they drew from their collective melodic tool belts to self-produce bottomless sources of audio productions.

With the need to output to various forms of audio media, "Song Works" without batting an eye, embraced the art of digital mastering as an essential service. The clients always needed and requested the "Out of the Box and ready to play" deliverable. CD-r continues to be the norm.

With a recent association with Jim Morgan and Rena Gaile at Acrobat Music "Song Works" is a complete dietary source of essential Recording Mastering & Musical ability. Check out some of the links on our clients page and you can be apart of our evolution!

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